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As one of the only specialist services in London, we attribute our reputation to our lasting relationships with our clients. 


Our specialist services are for Film, TV and record labels and agencies requiring a professional on-set wellbeing support & mental health service. 


We work with industry labels and agencies to ensure they can maintain a healthy in-house mental wellbeing whilst they face personal conflicts, challenges on-set, sudden lifestyle changes and life in the public eye.


The emotional wellbeing of an artist is crucial as it directly impacts their performance, creativity and image. This service is specialised and adapted to each artist's needs, and a tailored package is created to support artsits, labels and production along their journey. We provide a comprehensive assessment, intervention, treatment and aftercare from beginning to end. 

We also provide specialist services to create a supportive environment for race issues via consultancy, training and psychological support on-set. 


ARTISTSONTHECOUCH is here for you.

Artist Wellbeing Counselling
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